Dyplomy magisterskie 2019
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Międzynarodowa konferencja „Jikihitsu. Sygnatura artysty. Obecność tradycji japońskiej we współczesn
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Józef Wilkoń
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Rekrutacja - Instytut Edukacji Artystycznej APS w Warszawie


Instytut Edukacji Artystycznej Aps


W dniach 8-10.IV w siedzibie Kolegium na ul.Spiskiej odbędą się warsztaty "Shapes and Places"

prowadzący: Prof. Andreas Wendt, Alexander Frohberg, dr Monika Masłoń

Warsztaty prowadzone będą w języku angielskim

udział w warsztatach jest bezpłatny

Na warsztaty mogą zapisać się studenci wszystkich lat studiów w KEA

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do 1go kwietnia


Opis warsztatów:


Shapes and Places

Designing an art magazine with photography and typography about paper art in the city

Our cities are criss-crossed with signals, information and symbols. The use of the places and spaces of a city is often monofunctional. Signs, advertising posters and screens try to convey seemingly unambiguous messages to us and too often obscure our view on essential things: the place and the individual memories, emotions and meanings that it is able to awaken in us. For shapes and places, we are going to search for places with hidden meanings and comment on them in an artistic intervention with paper objects.
Different Shapes are first cut out from cardboard. They represent pictographically abstracted objects. Talk and write in pictures. These Paperart-Shapes will become to signifiers and projection surfaces at the same time. We are going to put them into relationship with the visited places. We will photographically record everything. The creative principles of photography such as image composition, exposure, depth of field are used in artistic means. The resulting photographs will be summarized in a publication. The combination of text and image creates new contexts of meaning. By bundling, ranking and composing in the publication, the works of the individual groups become a joint group work. The goal is to discover the city in a new way, to change the view. To comment on the soul of a place by means of a paper object and to transport it medially.

artistic principle: temporary intervention in the outer space
technique: paper cutting, cut out, staged photography, graphic design:
material: paper / cardboard, cutters, cameras, tripods, computers, dig. typesetting programs











  • preparation, introduction

  • finding places (groupdiscussion)

  • discussing what forms we could use

  • cutting out the shapes

  • try and use them in the building

  • photographs, discuss the photos

  • appoint for a starting point for tuesday

  • plan a walk (for photographing) on tuesday?



some cameras




  • meeting at the city

  • photographing

  • discuss the pictures at the site

  • hike, walk, photograph, film

  • maybe go back to institute and discuss, sort the photographs

shapes, cameras, tripods




  • come together

  • finding words

  • typesetting, graphicdesining the publication